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Welcome to Real Action Card Club - the first fully legal membership based card club.  Our membership includes access to all club amenities including various card games, billiards, darts, dominoes and chess.  We provide free non alcoholic beverages, prepackaged snacks and wifi.  We're currently closed while we move locations. Details to follow. 


What’s New?

At Real Action Card Club you can play the games you love!  Card Games Dominoes Pool Darts Chess! BYOB! Snacks and Non-Alcoholic beverages included with membership!




 Daily Membership  $5
Monthly Membership  $30 + 2 Free Hours
Yearly Membership  $300 + 1st Day Free + Start At Tier 2 $11/hr 
Club Access Fees  $12/hr      
The More You Play The Less You Pay!  Our VIP System Consists Of Tiers Reached By Accumulated Hours.  Our Highest Tier Pays $8/hr!
15% Discount For First Responders, Veterans, And Age 65+


About Us

Real Action Card Club was founded in 2020 by Alex, Dave, and John.  We wanted a place where people can come together, socialize and enjoy the games we all love. We offer an array of American pastimes including, various card games, billiards, darts, dominoes and chess.  Our club is safe, secure and fully legal.  We have 24 hour surveillance and well lit parking.  Get out to the Rack and you'll always come back!

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2700 S. Pipeline Rd. #300Euless TX 76040

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